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Good and bad news

April 13, 2009

Good news is some one has told the ebay seller that NI isn’t in Bermuda so I should have pretty roof rack at end of week. Bad news is that my arm is in the most unattractive splint ever. After my little surf splashing yesterday I was experiencing a lot of pain in my wrist. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I wasn’t able to drive the car to the shop this morning. Doc on call said it was a Coleraine A&E job, they are all so nice in there. A wee x -ray and I am pleased to say i will be allowed to kayak again next week (oh I mean the arm isn’t broken).

Oh more excitement, I am having pictures sent on Wed of a potential new kayak for me 🙂 exciting stuff, more as soon as i see it!!

So what have I learnt, warm up more, I guess I took my wrists for granted, now I am off water and cant drive for a week. Oh well at least the dissertation with get “one-finger” typed this week.