Lough Erne Trip 2009


I had promised myself the Lough Erne Trip with CCKA for months, as a reward for handing in my dissertation and a well deserved break before the exams were to begin.

So there I was sitting, 9pm on Friday 1st May like a bear in my house trying in vain to revised.  Everyone will be gone now, I have stupid exams early and a PhD interview early the next week- there was no way I could justify going, after all this is my future.


Ring, Ring -Steph “are  you going to lough Erne, I’m heading now.  I’ll give you 15mins to make up your mind”.  I have never seen a kayak get fired onto the roof of a car so quick!  This was the first time I had allowed myself out in Albert (my kayak)since buying it. Woohoo, so wreckless? Yes. Did i care? Not one bit.


After a magicial mystery convoy from Ballycastle to Castle Archdale (only the guts of 3 hours 😦 ) We arrived at the camp site in pitch black with every other being in bed.  I threw my pop up tent up as it started to lash and poor Steph started to play with some beast of a tent she had with no success.

As we had a giggle and laugh trying to pitch the monster 3 head torches appeared to be coming towards us.  It was a very jolly Steve with Matt and Jack in tow.  Tent pitching was abandoned as we followed the fellas to a nice dry and considerably warmer barn.

Dawn arrived very soon and I don’t think i managed to sleep due to the nasal singing of  Graham (and possibly a few others although Graham seems to have taken the blame).


 To be continued……

CCKA – Lwr Lough Erne May BankHoliday ’09


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