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Cushendun Maritime Festival

May 24, 2009

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to assist the splash and dash session ran by Ardclinis. I am gutted that it was on the same day as the sea kayaking race and the raft race but to be honest I’m not that competitive and probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it. There will always be next year!!

I was really nervous about the idea of working with Ardclinis and also the kids. No point finishing the coaching course if I don’t enjoy doing the coaching!

The festival itself had a great turn out with exhibitors including the Coast Guard, Ambulance and Fire Brigade. My First role of the day was to ensure a model of the life boat didn’t get swished out to sea!!

The first group of 6 hit the water with Damian leading the session. I very soon realised that in a splash and dash session the main thing is water confidence and making the kids enjoy themselves. Damian coached me through the whole session, questioning me throughout the session as to what the paddlers were doing wrong and how to correct. For me the day was totally invaluable.

I had my sea kayak on the top of car all day and had been itching to get it out onto the sea. Before we had packed up a few nice waves appeared and John, Matthew, Kevin and myself went out for a surf. It was another bailing session for the first while but eventually I was managing to stay on the surf. John gave me a telling off about my braces and spent 5 or 10 minutes rocking me up and down having me high or low brace to save myself!! Was the best days craic I have ever had.

The whole day was totally rewarding- It was so nice to see the kids leaving so happy after the session!