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BCU level 1 coach training – day 2

April 26, 2009

Shattered again !! I thoroughly enjoyed today! I seem to have gotton over my fear of open canoe although my strokes are a bit watty – but I will work on that.
First up we covered some skills attitudes and other qualities a coach should have followed by the “coaching session”.
For my warm up I had my “students” take off their buoyancy aids, and hats place them in a pile and have each team race to put on their clothes again!
I have realised that a lot of this coaching malarkey is about having confidence, in doing the stroke and projecting it to your students. I had to cut my teaching short due to lack of time but I think I did ok in the time I had.
There were also a million and on acronyms to remember

How many do you know??

The safety session caused me some problems or rather rescuing a surf kayak/playboat is difficult when using a sea kayak – it was nothing to do with the weight of the person in it honest!
The leaders of the course were great giving practical guidance on how to effect the best rescue manuoever without damaging the lifeboat!!

So whats my next task? Planning a lesson on “stopping at speed” in a kayak including warm up and a game!
I also have to review my skills as a paddler and what I need to do to improve me to improve my coaching.
Somewhere I have to attend the foundation safety and rescue and a first aid course so I still have a bit to go yet!!