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Sea kayaking 28th March 2009 which turned into Paddle the Bann

March 28, 2009

Weather forecast for this morning was worse. High tide was about 9am. As I drove coast road into Portrush and it was white with foam, I realised there was going to be no 2* assessment today L We made the decision to paddle from Coleraine Marina to Camus (3 miles-ish). To the mad people who went into the sea at Portrush today- you are mental, I am nearly sure the Ross Thompson Unit were looking for you !! 2 doubles and 9 singles woohoo. After organising the very important shuttle it was onto the water .



The northerly wind and tide starting to retreat made the river choppy and I felt sick. I couldn’t handle the boat, there were loads of people around me but I felt scared, I really wasn’t feeling the love at all.

When everyone else started to head off I was busy moving to the rear of the group and round in circles. I never wanted to get into a kayak again. The feeling was the same as last Sundays outing with Paul in the Dancer, wind throwing me about and no control and difficult to go straight and turn. In my mind this should have been easier as I was in the P&H capella, a sea kayak which should (I thought) stay straight.  Every gust of wind caught me and took  me and unwanted spin 😦


Robert to the rescue again! After abandoning an attempt to get the keel down (the wire was bent, I will never land with a keel down, this damage caused me no amount of nearly tears) Robert patiently paddled with me, correcting my mistakes and trying to get me to relax. By the time we had made it to the old bridge I was paddling better (if not straighter) and it was time to change boats in the middle of the water!! Robin assured us that with university education we could work out what to do without getting wet. He was correct apart from Martins issue with fixing the foot rest to his height (I’m 5ft Matin is um probably 6, a quick wiggle and I got the foot rests up but it’s not as easy to get them down if you have big ganglely legs).

Awe little purple avocet I don’t think I can live without you. Much easier to paddle, my fear had left me and I was torquing away nicely up to the new bridge J even in the choppy river J I didn’t really appreciate how much difference a boat can make. The Cappella was like manoeuvring a 40footer in my driveway compared to the Avocet!! We all headed through the lock at the Cutts which was fun and saved lugging a kayak out of the water.


The rest of the Bann was beautiful, very little wind, no smelly tide to worry about just lovely!! From such a miserable start to such a nice paddle up to Camus. It’s that part of the trip made me appreciate how lucky I am to live here. I had a go with Roberts “cranky” paddles which I didn’t like very much. They are probably like red wine though – you learn to like them.


At the end of the trip I was mega impressed my new buy (ooohh a dry bag) had kept my clothes, biccys and car keys nice and dry J Heather was probably chuffed to as there was no wet bum on her car seat!


Leaving the house at 8:30am and getting home at 2:40pm however is not fun. I will probably plant my lazy bum in bed for an hour after I get a cup of tea in me!! Two star assessment next week?????