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Now yer Rolling

March 30, 2009

Pool session 30 March 2009

Well I spent more time upside down that I ever have. Steve talked us all through what we were supposed to do then took us one by one to drown us, I mean go through it.

I guess the most invaluable thing I learnt tonight is that I haven’t a clue while I am upside down what is going on. Practicing in a pool will never teach you about the waves and the wind but it will make you less scared of the water, of being upside down and being rescued.

The Biz

  • Set up to right
    • Right knee up
    • Paddle flat at front
    • Right hand at near to “paddle” at end of shaft
    • Left hand near to “paddle” at other end
    • Arms straight
  • Upside down in water
    • Push paddle to front of boat up out of water
    • Raise left knee drop right
    • Turn shoulders from right to left across front of kayak
    • Follow front blade of paddle with eyes from front to back
    • Should be facing left back when finished


My problem was I was turning the wrong direction but Steve assured me I was doing ok and this could be worked on next time.


Acing a roll tonight would have made me so happy but it didn’t happen. It will be a long time before get a chance to get into a pool again to practise it, if ever.. With Saturday being the last sea kayaking adventure until May I really have no idea what I am going to do. I am really sad. I just want to be out there paddling about, whether it is falling in or staying in, I haven’t felt so alive and free since passing my driving test.


I’m going to apply for the coaching although I might speak to Robin about it after Saturday. There is no point sending off the monies if I can’t pass two star! My concern is will I use it, am I proficient enough at what I can do to explain it to others. I want to help people on this exciting journey I have been on this winter. It’s a crying shame to live by the sea and not be out on it. It shouldn’t be reserved for the snobs who can afford to pay for a mooring for their fancy Ribs and pleasure boats. The sea, rivers, lakes used to be a away for life, the easiest mode of transport from A to B. Instead now instilled into me and most other kids around here is how dangerous and scary it is. Yes it is dangerous but it is more important to respect it. If it is your time to go, you will go. Water of any persuasion if treated with respect and due care should be fun .


I digress, I guess I haven’t been passionate about anything in a while and now its slipping though my fingers …. Even Paul is clearing off on me L Part time job, get saving, boat, get out!!


pool session 16 march 2009

March 17, 2009

The crap thing about spending 3hours on the sea in a kayak is that 1 hour in a horrible pool is never really enough.

Things covered tonight 🙂
* Reversing and reversing a figure of 8 circuit 🙂
* Stern rudder.
* Turning a stern Rudder out (turns the boat)
* Turninga stern rudder in (I didnt get this to work so I really dont know what it does)
*draw strokes, skull and draw and the other one (dont forget the window)
*draw stroke when moving
*a wee bow rescue
I tried a bit of edging on my own, whil a few other attempted rolls. I don’t think i am ready to roll yet but it really would save me being rescued when i am out a sea!(ie get to wet).

I am a bit of a running joke as far as falling out is concerned, although in saying that i never fell out tonight!