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NI Surf Kayak Hosts the NI Open, 12th Sept 2009

September 8, 2009


Kayak surfing, Easter Sunday 2009

April 12, 2009

What a day! Was at Whiterocks in Portrush today with the hangover from hell- lesson learnt. The CCKA gang were already there and took delight in my suffering.

After a quick briefing from Matt about getting out through the waves and avoiding going through as the wave breaks I was off. Cleary Matt felt that I was spending too much time dry and introduced the concept of catching waves and the importance of the stern rudder. Stern rudder in the side that you want to go- but it’s best not to turn the boat back into the wave again- woops, out of the boat and a smug look on Matt’s face. It wasn’t the first and wasn’t the last of the day.


I spent the remainder of the day in the breaking surf and tried to catch a few of the smaller waves. I think that surfing will be good for me, especially the rolling and being under water. I guess the next time I will be a bit more adventurous and head out a bit further. I am really looking forward to my next day out but I appear to have wrecked my wrist, no doubt from some of the tumbles I took out of the boat. Perhaps I will get my dissertation finished now if I can’t go and play boat!


Oh and I have purchased a roof rack J the rubbish thing is that the seller doesn’t appear to know that if you advertise a postage price to the UK that Northern Ireland is included in that! To be continued….

3* Surf kayaking Course 13/14 April ’09 with Steve Bowens

April 7, 2009

It appears I am caught in a whirlpool and can’t get out, deeper and deeper I am getting!! 

ok less of the dramatics in short Steve is doing a course Easter Monday and Tuesday and I need 5 more people to go, cost TBC but if there is 6 in total it will be cheaper so….

Day 1
0930 – meet at the watersports center (East Strand Portrush)
1030 – on water session 1
1200 – lunch
1230 – surf forecasting and equipment
1330 – on water session 2
1500 – safety & rescue skills and techniques
1600 – review and finish

Day 2
0930 – meet at (East Strand Portrush)
1030 – on water session 3
1200 – lunch
1230 – rules of the road, safety and equipment
1330 – on waters session 4 (practical skills 3* assessment)
1500 – goal setting and future surf development
1600 – review course


Rolling isnt essentail but I am told it is less exhausting if you can ( i need to learn to roll urgently then!)

so yeah leave me a comment on here and I will get back to you.