Sea Kayaking/Touring -Essential Equiptment

In progress: Feel free to add comments suggesting equipment.

This is the bare minimum that you will need.  As I make more journeys, find more useful items and learn from my never ending list of mistakes I will add more “stuff”.


In saying that I take no responsibility if i have left something off this list.  Its up to each paddler to be responsible for his or herself, this includes being prepared and also looking out for the safety of others.


Paddling Gear

Extra set of paddles
Floatation device (PFD)

Towing system and or throw rope

Paddle park (instructions for making to follow)




Things you may need to hand


Knife (serrated edge on part and blunt nose is good)


“Luggage” -recommended for every trip

Water proof bag containing

Change of clothes

Biscuits or other food (I am starving after coming out of water)

Coffee/ other warm drink

It probably is a good idea to have a second “waterproof” bag to put your wet stuff in once you get out of the kayak.  I normally use a box if the car is handy but it is difficult to do when you are using someone else car as a shuttle.  Plus you don’t really want to drip all over someone else’s new shiny


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