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Sea kayaking 21st March 2009

March 21, 2009

Weather, perfect, sea calm, 16 or so paddlers in Portrush Harbour rocked!!!

I am such an impatient little madam, I want a boat of my own now *stamps feet*. I have to have patience, try more boats, save up a few more £’s then get the little baby of my dreams J

What did we cover today:

  • Fixing a keel
  • Towing systems
  • Bow rudders

I also practiced more braces and I didn’t fall in today!!! I really need to work more on my draw strokes (including skull and draw?).

I was in a little blue kayak today, kinda of inuit style, with a sea (small) cockpit. It had no foot rests which I thought would be a problem but actually was find once I worked out how to shift my body weight about and use my knees. Although it wasn’t as stable as the Avoca??? (which was more flat bottomed) once I got used to it I found it quite nimble and easy to wiggle in and out of the bouys. I also had a paddle about in one of the big double Kayaks with Julie. I think these need to be appreciated for what they are. They are not single kayaks and should be taken at a more leisurely pace. Although more difficult to fling around once a bit of team co-ordination kicks into place we were flying, so to speak.


I’m off not to buy a dry bag and something to make a paddle stay fromJ Assessment next week J Did I mention I didn’t fall in?



Sea Kayaking 1

March 7, 2009

Today was my first day out in the “real world” – sea!!! Totally different experience to paddling in the pool I was a bit unsteady and managed to take a couple of plunges eep (thanks to Rob for fishing me out twice in 5 mins!). What a fun couple of hours!!

Things covered today
* falling in! capsizing and rescue
* sweep strokes for turning (wide strokes, face direction you want to go)
* Edging, to help with turning (knee up opposite to sweeping side)

I think my most important lesson today was that foot rests are adjustable and should be adjusted before going out!! I forgot when i was swimming about banging the bottom of my boat and waiting to see if i would be rescued!! I was more excited about getting into the sea and popped out twice!! Maybe next time I will wait in the kayak for long enough to be rescued!!