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2 Star Assessment

April 4, 2009

Despite the wind the two star assessment went ahead today. I was a bit apprehensive due to this and also because of last week being buffed about so much.

Needless to say it was the Avocet I chose today, no point learning to paddle something new while doing the assessment.

Today a lot of things came together for me.

  1. Bracing – couldn’t have done today without it. You could see the wind move the water and could nearly have the brace ready to go before you got a wallop. I was chuffed, no unintentional fall ins. It was Steph got the wrath of the wind today, one gust got her wobbling and the second took her. Thanks to whoever rescued her today (sorry I forget who it was!)
  2. Draw strokes – right first time J super gluing your hand to your forehead actually does work, as does looking where you are going, imagine that! I would have never have believed what the coaches were telling me was correct before!
  3. Turning- Sweeping and edging. It was impossible to do without having your head around these today.

I definitely need more reversing practice but to be honest it’s the same in the car and I have been driving for 10 years. It’s probably because I am female. I did make it across the harbour in reverse but it took a while and a few looks of concern and coaching from Rab!


So it appears I have a pretty little slip which I need to send off to CANI now with some money J What next???? Well I need to get out more and gain more confidence on the water. I want to manage a roll, even if only one and I am applying for the coaching. I want to share the love of kayak/canoe with everyone now!!

I am still in hunt of my new soul mate, I tried one kayak after the end of the assessment that was for sale but again it felt like wrightbus had made it. I would never have been able to lift it onto a roof rack and the cheeky thing chucked me out when the wind came!! Does anyone make sea kayaks for 5ft females???