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Whiterocks skive 2, 9/9/09

September 9, 2009

Now its hard for me to rise out of bed on a day off but, when there is a paddle on offer well thats a different story!!!

I met up with Andy at the whiterocks, portrush for 9am and I will admit i was a bit scared and questioned my reasoning.  Lots and lots of beautiful waves, big waves that is and bigger than i  had ever been out in.


Andy was first off the beach and was straight out through the white stuff and caught a lovely wave on the way in. Jealous, yes! Alot to aspire too – yes!


So attempt one at getting out, fail, on beach.  The waves were well powerful.  I loved to see if there was some way of getting out but it was just a tumble drier session for me.  After a few tries to get to the green I decided to play about in the mosh pit at the beach.    Managed a few nice slides back to the shore with minimal spillage.

I retired to the shore to watch Andy and realised that my lack of strength, heavy paddle, tiring arms and my fear were limiting me.  Surveying Andy I watched him perform an amazing sommersault nose over tail.  I’m not sure how intentional this was but I hope someone caught it on camera!!!


Andy gave me a go in his nice little valley surf kayak with an equally beautiful (light and short) Robson paddle.  Totally different boat in the surf!! Nice  bit scarey for me punched though the waves well and I was able to edge it a lot better than the wee uni boat I was in.  I want one of them paddles – so easy to get speed up compared to the log I was using.


I am totally exhausted now!  Ready for a big soak and to scrub the sand outta the mop!!