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NI Surf Kayak Hosts the NI Open, 12th Sept 2009

September 8, 2009


More Surf courses!!

April 16, 2009

Taken from irish sea kayaking

Deep Blue are running a surf course on the North coast (Portrush) on the weekend of 18th and 19th of April. It’s aimed at people who are L4/L5 Sea kayakers but who don’t have a lot of surf experience. You do need to be able to roll. The boats will be provided (Necky Jives) so you won’t even need to bring your sea boat.
The instructor is Keith Fitzsimons (BCU L5 Sea Coach). Keith is an experienced surf coach and has run very successful sessions at the 2007 ISKA symposium in Streedagh. He will include video analysis as part of the course.
The cost is €195 for the weekend and this includes use of the boat and accommodation in the Sheep Island View Hostel in Ballintoy for the Friday and Saturday nights (
There are a limited number of places available so do let me know as soon as you can if you’re interested.
Des Keaney
des at deepblueseakayaking dot com

Kayak surfing, Easter Sunday 2009

April 12, 2009

What a day! Was at Whiterocks in Portrush today with the hangover from hell- lesson learnt. The CCKA gang were already there and took delight in my suffering.

After a quick briefing from Matt about getting out through the waves and avoiding going through as the wave breaks I was off. Cleary Matt felt that I was spending too much time dry and introduced the concept of catching waves and the importance of the stern rudder. Stern rudder in the side that you want to go- but it’s best not to turn the boat back into the wave again- woops, out of the boat and a smug look on Matt’s face. It wasn’t the first and wasn’t the last of the day.


I spent the remainder of the day in the breaking surf and tried to catch a few of the smaller waves. I think that surfing will be good for me, especially the rolling and being under water. I guess the next time I will be a bit more adventurous and head out a bit further. I am really looking forward to my next day out but I appear to have wrecked my wrist, no doubt from some of the tumbles I took out of the boat. Perhaps I will get my dissertation finished now if I can’t go and play boat!


Oh and I have purchased a roof rack J the rubbish thing is that the seller doesn’t appear to know that if you advertise a postage price to the UK that Northern Ireland is included in that! To be continued….

3* Surf kayaking Course 13/14 April ’09 with Steve Bowens

April 7, 2009

It appears I am caught in a whirlpool and can’t get out, deeper and deeper I am getting!! 

ok less of the dramatics in short Steve is doing a course Easter Monday and Tuesday and I need 5 more people to go, cost TBC but if there is 6 in total it will be cheaper so….

Day 1
0930 – meet at the watersports center (East Strand Portrush)
1030 – on water session 1
1200 – lunch
1230 – surf forecasting and equipment
1330 – on water session 2
1500 – safety & rescue skills and techniques
1600 – review and finish

Day 2
0930 – meet at (East Strand Portrush)
1030 – on water session 3
1200 – lunch
1230 – rules of the road, safety and equipment
1330 – on waters session 4 (practical skills 3* assessment)
1500 – goal setting and future surf development
1600 – review course


Rolling isnt essentail but I am told it is less exhausting if you can ( i need to learn to roll urgently then!)

so yeah leave me a comment on here and I will get back to you.

Sunday sessions – ‘shesk and surf!

April 5, 2009

I had promised myself lots of revision today and no deluded thoughts of kayaks, canoes, rolling and the like. Took Paul to say paddle? and I was already in my wetsuit.

I kinda have been wanting to surf, ok well it was a thought at 8am this morning when the sun was saying “paddle paddle” and well since then I wanted to have the life scared out of me with a bit of surf kayaking. First off was the glenshesk river. For those unfamiliar with the river it is mainly brown/red which flows into the sea at Ballycastle and has a rare species of fish living in it called “golf balls”. As a child we used to get chased by the wild bears who lived at the “golf course” because we were fishing for their balls!!!

I was in the perception dancer and Paul was in the fox. The perception is like a um big floating rock. I didn’t like it when I was on the Bann a couple of weeks ago as I couldn’t keep the thing straight. I am either getting better at this kayaking stuff or the boat has bonded with me and loves me. The river was peachy although there wasn’t much water in it, we ended up lifting the boats over the rapids at the golf course bridge so as we could get up the river a bit further. The paddle up was beautiful to the Carey bridge but we didn’t go further as I couldn’t be bothered lifting the boats again. On the way down we did a spot of fishing. I have 16 balls for sale if anyone is interested J, first use of my new “swag bag” as well.

The flow of the river isn’t long getting you down to the sea. I was bricking it but I knew it was now or never. Two waves in and an immense amount of screaming and I was following the boat back to shore. It certainly make you feel alive getting a rattle over the noggin with a wave or three. Oh and I loved it.

I watched Paul out on the water for a bit before emptying half the Atlantic out of my boat. I really hadn’t a notion what to be at. Paul came out of his boat and hauled be back into the surf giving me guidance on getting though the waves. Getting out was wee buns although the airborne feeling coming off the waves nearly made me throw up the first time it happened.

Was more craic again trying to come in. No matter how much I tried to brace into the surf I ended up half rolling and my sinuses cleared. Was class craic. Going to invest my golf ball earnings on a surf boat J.


More river before home??? Oh yeah. Fox time for me?? Definitely!! Paul told me this one was jumpy and unforgiving, we are very alike. I had an interesting entrance to the water a kinda seal launch off the sand cannel that the river had carved –oh fun!! I nearly tipped the fox over a couple of times but after 2 mins we were best mates. I love it. Its quick , I can throw it about abit and it responds well to my shambolic stearing strokes. I would have to say that I now appreciate the purpose of stern rudder now, I had lots and lots of practice today.

As the water was uber shallow I decided to practice a wee roll, and failed !! Paul tried to rescue me but whatever half assed way I reached for his boat bailing out was the best option. Water freezing and red yuck, the surf was so warm. I so cold I forgot what I had messed up on the roll, meh not to worry! Oh yeah what a fun day!!


Paul thanks so much for the paddling was fab!!