Paddle the Bann 22/04/2010

Ok Ok I know! Its been a lifetime since I have posted anything on here!!  Well what have I been at? Work, started a PhD, got romantically attached and well did very little kayaking!!

Fresh start now alone with a fresh paddling season!  My first outing was with UUC and CCKA last night and what a beautiful evening it was.  The “other half” towed along assuring me he had “paddled once or twice before”  as we travelled into the Uni.  In total there was 9 of us, Gary a coach from CCKA (I’m sure its 3 or more!) Heather, Matt and myself (level 1coaches), Steph, Roy, Clare, Elaine and Jason.

Before even getting on the water, we couldn’t get boats- the powers that be had decided to chance locks to the doors and then not give us the correct key!!  After a mere 45 mins of flaffing about we eventually got on the water.

We travelled from the watersports centre heading the direction of the Barrmouth. I dont think I have ever been on the Bann in such a calm and beautiful day.  Even so it was apparent by the wobbles Jason had never been in a “kayak” before and it was “them open boat things” he had been in.  After 15 mins or so he was paddling like a pro!

Everyone had a great time – including the seal who followed us down stream for most of the way.

A beautiful evening – may there be many more


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