Paddling Home, Ballintoy to Ballycastle 4th June 2009

I dont think I have ever got home so quick from Belfast! Work sucks but is more than compensated by my desire to paddle!!  The paddle was from Ballintoy to Ballycastle, having consulted Robin I was to remain in B/C to take drivers back to the start point.  I was panicking a bit about this paddle as the last time I was out I went for a wee swim and I had a look at the sea and it was um interesting.  High tide was to be ~10pm so leaving at 8pm i kinda reckoned  this trip was going to be fun and wet.

I was only out of ballintoy harbour when I started to feel sea sick, John paddled out with me a bit, talking to me tryin to get me to chill out a bit.  Paddling when you are stressing is a disaster, you are so uptight and rigid.


The paddle out to larry bane was challanging enough for me as I had started to feel a bit sicky and I was petrified as we rounded the headland.  My favourite stroke for the evening was skiming the paddle over the surface- thanks John for reminding me to keep my paddle in the water – thanks to the tips I had received  from harbour to here from John I managed to not go swimming!!


The view of the Rope bridge from the water was amazing!!  I had been looking forward to paddling under it but there was too much swell!! No swimming today!   As we paddled on, I realised that my forward paddling has changed, I didnt seem to be tiring as much.

The coastline was filled with caves, cracks and the most amazing wildlife, its hard to believe  I have never seen this part of the coast before, despite living here.   Kinbane head was a real treat – as was sneeking “under it”.

As we continued along the coastline a little seal popped up to great us!!  If you ever have the opportunity to paddle this bit of coastline do it – from the sunset to the different perspective of “my local” you will not be dissapointed.

(I didnt manage to swim either!!)


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