UKCC level 1 certificate in Coaching paddlesport – day 3

I am exhausted, relieved and (now) no longer hungry.  Bit of advice to anyone planning of doing this course- make sure you dont have to work in the evenings post course- it will probably kill you.

The day got off to a good start, getting out of bed that is to see a beautiful big sun shinning.  There is nothing as miserable as being herded to do rescues in the teaming rain bah.  The course started with Keith reviewing the last weekends worth of course followed by the harsh truth that this was assessment weekend!! 

Everyone did very well on the coaching assessment today.  It was great to see everyone progress fom very nervous the last weekend to being competant coaches this week!! Well done everyone.

The wind gave everyone hell during the rescue session, especially the poor canoes.  Towing, X-rescues and haulling fat swimmers to shore were all part of the assessments.   I will be honest, I hate doing them but the same as the open canoe once i am competent I probably wont anymore.  I met an Soter just the other night who told me he didnt want to take his sea kayak out as he didnt know how to do any of the rescues.  I dont blame him, i learnt the hard way- fall out then be fished out.  I have offered to take him through all the rescues, I would hate for anyone to get into trouble on account of me being to selfish to show them.

The last part of todays assessment was the dreaded test.  Everyone frantically crammed before hand and as the test commenced you could smell the tension in the air (it could equally have been the stench of the Bann water all of us were now christened by!!).  Everyone passed with flying colours!!

One more assesment on the coaching tomorrow and then fingers crossed there will be a new load of level 1 coaches on the water!!  Paddling backward in a canoe for me eep!! Best crack on and get my lessson plan done!



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